Seasick Dream in Siargao

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
It was Saturday and the sun was out, thankfully. I was worried because of last night's rain. I biked down towards Cloud 9 and zoomed past the people by the hotel across, went down a few more meters and passed by endless rows of coconut trees, a neat, little souvenir stand and another bike rental shop. From there, I could almost hear the surf. I was excited, mainly because I wasn't really zooming but rather I was struggling with the rusty bike the old man gave me and I was about to reach the end of my joyride, finally getting my much needed rest.

I amused myself at the thought of possibly living in this tiny island. You know, wake up, surf, breakfast at the usual and then disappear to some fascinating part of the island. I found myself dreaming of someone else's reality; someone else's island life. And then I thought, much like any other place I fall in love with, I could live here. Yeah, I'd come back one day and never leave.

Leica Montano

From above, Siargao is a lush of greenery, surrounded by magical surf breaks. To some, it's another tranquil island with beautiful beaches but to most, it's a place where they find home and it's not hard to imagine why. And who can blame them? No one wants to leave paradise. Plus, with everyone being very welcoming and hospitable, you'd instantly feel like you're part of their community. And in some way, you already are.

You'd be eating at Mama's BBQ one night and then suddenly there's talk of going to this body painting art night happening across the street. Or, you'd be invited to go to this after surf party thing at Bravo and end up making a furry friend over tapas. Or you'd hear stories like someone getting stabbed by a fin the other day or stories about how the old super typhoon damaged some places. It's all interesting and it's all part of the reason why you want to stay. Because in some cliched way, it really is the people that make the place.


How To Fall in Love with Siargao

Leica Montano

It's easy, really. The island itself is already easy to like but to fall in love with it, you gotta do a few things.

  • Discover the beauty of the island and take a trip to Naked Island, Daku, and Guyam. Travel by bike to Pilar and go to Magpupungko rock pools. Then maybe stop over at Tayangban cave on your way back. Go SUP boarding around Sugba lagoon, and maybe swim with the stingless jellyfish. [We missed out on Sohoton caves on this trip, so maybe you can go and tell me about it.]
  • Eat!!! Kermit has the best pizza and pasta in town! I wanted to eat all my meals there but that wouldn't be fair to Mama's BBQ, Surf N' Dine, or Bravo. Best place to get breakfast? Shaka Siargao. They have the best power bowls, with their fresh fruit and everything. (Ugh, I miss my power bowls!) Alternatively, you can buy your own food at the local market and cook it at your place. 
  • Enjoy the surf life. That means sleeping at 11pm and waking up at 7am, sometimes even at 5am, to catch the good waves. I mean, Siargao isn't called the surfing capital of the Philippines for nothing. World class waves! But choose your spot wisely. (I'm still a beginner so we surfed at Jacking Horse. G1/Giwan is also a good spot for beginners. Leave Cloud 9 to the pros.)
  • And most importantly, talk to people. Make friends.

Siargao, PhilippinesSiargao, Philippines
Siargao Philippines
Leica Montano
Leica MontanoSiargao
Siargao PhilippinesSiargao
SiargaoLeica Montano

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  1. Wow! Lovely pics and nice post :)

  2. This place looks amazing! It doesn't look too crowed either.